Sun Power for Self-Sufficiency

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Sun. It’s one thing the Hill Country of Texas has plenty of, so using sun power for energy is a no-brainer. We’re moving to Little Pod on the Prairie in late summer, so we’re working out which appliances are necessary in our tiny space.

The Little Pod has no cooktop. A cooking range in the Pod would make it a second home rather than an outbuilding and having a second house means our septic system must be larger.  We wanted to avoid the extra expense, which is considerable.  We do have a microwave, but I’m not fond of microwaved food. Plus, I wanted to use sun power for energy to keep electricity costs low until we transition to solar panels.

A grill is nice, but anyone who’s grilled in the hot Texas sun knows summer is not the time to fire it up. We have no shade at Little Pod, so grilling will be grueling to say the least.

When we lived in Tennessee, we used a solar oven occasionally, but it was mostly one-pot cooking. I love to cook, so I need an alternative that will give me a variety of cooking options. I was getting a little discouraged by lack of choices when I stumbled across the GoSun, a solar grill that promises I can steam, bake and grill all with just sun power. My birthday is this month, so I’m turning in my wishlist with just one item on it: the GoSun Sport.

Sun Power for Grilling, Baking, and Steaming

The Sport gets fantastic reviews by users and will give us the capacity to cook a meal for two using the rays of the sun. It reaches temperatures up to 550 F and, at 7.5 pounds, is small and portable. It can easily store in the lean-to we’ve built on the Pod to keep tools and beekeeping equipment. Best of all, because it uses vacuum tubes to concentrate the sun’s heat, the hot parts are all internal. Everything exterior will stay cool to the touch. Not only will this be nice from a personal safety standpoint, but it will ensure that we don’t accidentally start a wildfire when the sun dessicates the landscape into kindling during our brutal summers.

I’m so excited about cooking on this little gem! It’s going to feel good to use the sun power that’s so abundant where we live and to have a low-profile, simple piece of equipment to cook our fresh food.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it works if (wink, wink) I get one for my birthday!



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Nikki Bee Williams

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