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Less Makeup, More Time: Paring Down to the Essentials

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living with less makeupWho would think a girl who wears minimal makeup would have an area in her bathroom like this? Having less makeup, hair products, and skin products is the next job to tackle on my journey to living with less. Since the only makeup I wear daily is undereye concealer, brow filler, and lipstick plus a fluff of powder I thought it would be a breeze. And I wash my face AND moisturize with coconut oil? Should be simple.

But it wasn’t.

Look at the pile of products on this cart — and this was after I’d already gotten rid of some (I really need to learn to take pictures first!).

To my credit, the area holding my actual makeup is small — it’s the box on the right on the middle level. But I could have less. I hear some of you gasping at that idea and I feel your pain. I promise I do. But even if you wear a LOT more than I do, you can still pare down your stash. Here’s how:

Less Makeup, More Wear

I’m a lipstick freak. I am never without some on, even if I wear no other makeup. In fact, I wear it so often that a dear friend even dubbed me the “poster child for lipstick.” I used to own many, many, many tubes, pots, and sticks of the stuff. But makeup is just like the clothes in your closet — you only wear about 20% of what’s in there, the rest gets buried.

When I looked through my current stash, I found two Smashbox and a Mac that I hadn’t worn in months because I’ve been grooving on LipSense. Those could go — they even smelled stale. I also found two tubes of Burt’s Bees colored balm I could put in each of the two purses I kept. Having less makeup doesn’t mean having nothing — I’m often looking for some lip balm when I’m out and about. This will keep me from buying some “on the fly” and then having extra tubes. Plus, I’ll use what I have much more often now, and that’ll let me try new colors without overbuying.

Digging Deeper

I like eyeshadow, but rarely wear it. There were at least three individual pans of it, plus a Laura Mercier palette in my stash. I loved some of those indie colors, though, and didn’t want to let go. To pare down, I got similar colors that will fit in the palette I have, and voila! problem solved.  I also kept my Hello Flawless powder foundation and ditched my finishing powder. I rarely use these things and one could do double duty if I was careful with application.

Hair’s the Problemhair bottles

My biggest challenge was the sheer number of hair products I have. My hair’s naturally curly, but I wear it straight a lot. Plus, it’s color treated and a little thin now that I’m older. And, there’s the matter of the humidity here in Texas, too. That means products, products, products. But did I really need over twenty-five bottles of stuff? Uh, no. I had three curl activators, but only really liked one of them. Ditto for straightening gel. And thickening spray. I did need to keep the Fanci-ful rinse for my silver hair, but I decanted it into a silver bottle so it looked nicer. In fact, I plan on getting these bottles and putting as many of my hair and skin products in them as I can. Things look so much nicer when they’re uniform!

More Than Skin Deep

I had the same problem with skin products as I did with hair products. Since I experiment a lot with DIY creams, lotions, and anti-aging products and I end up keeping the duds. I guess it comes from the “waste not, want not” philosophy my mom taught me. This was an easy fix, though, since I just needed to toss the old and ineffective. Again, I want to get some matching jars and bottles to hold the stuff I keep. My repurposed containers have gotten pretty worn over time.

The Final Product

living with less makeupHooray! Check it out– I’ve weeded down to a much sleeker set of tools and products. Remember, minimalism needn’t be equivalent to extremism. It’s about having all you need to be content, but doing so with the least amount possible.  I’ll post another photo when I’ve decanted all my things into their new bottles and pots — I’m excited about my progress toward less makeup and can already see a big difference in my stress level. I’m wearing more and different outfits with less clothes in my closet because I can see everything I have. I even change out my shoes more often since they’re not getting lost on my shelves or buried under one another.

I wonder what benefits my makeup “cleanse” will bring?

See you next week!

Nikki Bee Williams

Nikki Bee Williams

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