saving electricity

Saving Electricity The Simple Way

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Saving electricity is of primary importance to folks who aspire to live off-the-grid. Our Little Pod on the Prairie is hooked up to the municipal electric utility in the usual way, but we hope to use solar power in the near future. First we need to cut power usage so we’re able to meet all our power needs with alternative …

choosing flooring

Choosing Flooring for Our Green Home

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Our new home build needs to keep to a strict budget. Some of this will be managed by having a smaller footprint to begin with, but we’ll need to find creative ways to keep our home both green and inexpensive and choosing flooring that will work with our vision is one of the first choices we must make. We know …

siting the green house

Siting the Green House

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We’re so excited about building our new “green house.”  It’ll take most of a year from start to finish — but it will be well worth it. We’re partnering with Adam Reiser from Shelter Homes in Austin, who’s graciously agreed to build a little out of his usual geographic range just for our project. Adam’s company believes:  “… in building …

Sun Power for Self-Sufficiency

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Sun. It’s one thing the Hill Country of Texas has plenty of, so using sun power for energy is a no-brainer. We’re moving to Little Pod on the Prairie in late summer, so we’re working out which appliances are necessary in our tiny space. The Little Pod has no cooktop. A cooking range in the Pod would make it a second home rather than an …

Feeding the Bees, Decorating the Earth

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The Little Pod on the Prairie is located in the center of 10,000 acres of undeveloped acreage, so feeding the bees that live here is relatively easy. There are all sorts of trees, grasses, and wildflowers that are friends to hungry bees. As good stewards of the land, we’d like to add to our biodiversity by encouraging wildflower proliferation and …

landscaping a little house

Landscaping a Little House – Rock On!

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We’ve got the inside of the little pod on the prairie mostly complete, the roof and deck on. Now we need finish the rest of the exterior: the landscape. Landscaping a little house has special requirements. First, we want it to be low maintenance. Isn’t the point of living with less being able to scale back on money and time spent maintaining your …

tiny closet

The Tiny Closet: Minimizing Your Wardrobe

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I’m still paring down the closet for our move to the Little Pod on the Prairie. Last week, I got rid of all my color ways except blue, grey and lavender (with an accent of black and white just in case).  While I determined that getting my tiny closet down to only 33 items (and buying 33 new items for …

living small house

Living Small to Live Big

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Lately, my husband and I have been exploring the concept of living small, that is, living with less so we can expand our horizons, our activity level, and, not entirely coincidentally, our savings account. I know there’s been a buzz for several years about tiny houses and minimal living, and, while I’ve made an effort to downsize a bit, I haven’t …

how to clear your mind

How to Clear Your Mind for a Purposeful Life

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about my Lucid Living philosophy. In it, I promised to give you a little insight into how it works. If you recall, we began by discussing  clearing toxic people and situations from your life. This week, I touch on how to clear your mind of the extraneous data and white noise that gets ingrained in …

hair hacks

5 Hair Hacks for the Best Hair Day Ever!

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Ever have a day where your hair is more fuzzy mop than crowning glory? Yeah, me too. So I’ve put together a few uhair hacks to share to help you tame the frizz, pump up the volume, and keep your style in place all day. Best of all, you can make ’em up at home–for pennies! What could be better than that? …

lucid living chart

Lucid Living: The Art of a Brilliant Life

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Have you always felt you were meant for more? Are you feeling trapped in a rut of responsibilities, routines, and repetition? Then you aren’t living a lucid life. Lucid living is my term for the kind of life that is brilliant, sparkling, magical. It’s a life where you feel like your talents are used and appreciated, your actions bring reward, and every day is …

banish turkey neck

2 Step Plan to Banish Turkey Neck without Surgery

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The dreaded turkey neck: loose, crepey wattles of skin that announce your age louder than a muumuu or orthotic shoes. Sure, a neck lift can fix this but depending on the techniques used, the cost can range anywhere from $5,000 and $8,000. Yikes! That’s a big investment. Still, even if you have good facial tone, a sagging neck can ruin the youthful effect. What’s a girl …

common cold remedy

4 Tricks to Banish the Common Cold Fast

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It’s that time of year. It seems like everyone’s experiencing the sniffling, sneezing, run-down feeling of the common cold. While science hasn’t perfected a way to cure this perennial ailment, there are a few natural ways you can shorten its stay and significantly improve the symptoms. Ready to try? Banish the Common Cold Fast! If you’re lucky enough to have access …

your best year

3 Tips to Guarantee 2017 Will Be Your Best Year EVER

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The new year always brings a renewed sense of hope. For some reason, that calendar page flipping from one day to the next lifts the veil from our eyes and illuminates all the glorious possibilities for improvement, achievement, and more. But how can you be sure 2017 will be your best year? When looking at what people want most for …

holiday season

Bust Holiday Season Stress in Five Minutes!

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Stress levels soar during the holiday season. You’ve got family obligations, kids’ activities, presents to buy, meals to cook, and a house and yard to decorate. All this is in addition to the things you’re already doing on a daily basis. The workload and mental stress can be hard to bear. My little gift to you this holiday season, is this …

thin hair

One Drinkable Remedy for Thin Hair

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Thin hair is woman’s worst nightmare. Forty percent of us have thinning hair by the time we’re 40, so if you’re noticing a wider part or more shedding, you’re in good company. Aging, hormonal changes, and genetics play a large role in thinning out your luscious locks. Good thing you can help stop, or even reverse, the process. I’ve addressed some …