Nikki Bee Williams portrait | Nikki Bee WilliamsHi!

I’m Nikki Bee Williams – author, writer and speaker.

I am also an anxiety and depression survivor; a mom of triplet teenagers who struggled to find time to create (and re-create) a life after staying at home with the kids; an admirer of natural beauty solutions looking for anti-aging strategies that actually work; an emotional eater who searched or the “right” way to eat; and a believer that somewhere out there is a fitness program that doesn’t require muscles of steel to begin.

After being frustrated by self-help programs that didn’t work, I took matters into my own hands, rolled up my sleeves and started researching. Over twenty years of analyzing and comparing programs, studies, research, and other information led to the discovery that all of those well-meaning gurus out there were missing the most important part of the puzzle – you!

Whether the subject is diet, exercise, beauty, career or fitness – no one formula is “right” for everyone. Instead, there are a variety of right ways to accomplish your life goal – the trick is uncovering which is the correct fit for you. Just like no two people have the same personalities, lifestyles, likes and dislikes; no one program fits every individual. One size does NOT fit all – and finding the right fit means moving toward your goal successfully and with less frustration!

I’m sharing what I’ve discovered to help you avoid the pitfalls and frustration that I experienced. Not everyone has the time to get down in the weeds with research. Even fewer people can sift through all of that information to find the things that resonate best with them, so they’re constantly trying new methods and failing, I’m going to help you learn how to choose the tools that will work most rapidly for you, and provide the best and most long-lasting results.

Yay us!